Become a Divemaster

What is a Divemaster?

A divemaster is a professional diver whose primary responsibility is to guide certified divers during a variety of dives and conditions. Additionally, they are professionals who are trained to assist diving instructors and have solid skills in diver safety and in-water rescue in the unlikely event someone experiences difficulties while diving.

There a 2 Types of Divers: Those Who Pee in Their Wetsuit and Liars

Scuba Diving Etiquette for the Underwater Caveman: Don't Smell Like Pee!

Many of you have probably heard the old dive saying, “There are two types of divers; those that pee in their suit and those that lie about it!” This is usually the first response when a new diver is asking someone on a boat this question (myself included). It’s a reality that most will have to face at some point in their diving lifetime.