6 Really Fun Things to Do In Cozumel that the Entire Family Will Love!

Cozumel is the perfect place for a memorable family vacation. You do not have to look very hard to find amazing locations and options that will actually entertain every person in your family, regardless of their age. The ScubaLuis.com “Top 6 Picks for Family Fun in Cozumel” are as follows:

1. Go Scuba Diving – Even if You Are Not Certified to Dive!

Discover Scuba Diving Without Certification in CozumelYes, you can go scuba diving in Cozumel even if you are not certified to dive! If your family is over 10 years old and in good health our certified and very experienced PADI scuba instructors can take you scuba diving through our PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. You will meet with your instructor (and probably with Luis, too) who will give you a 20 to 30 minute dive briefing then take you into the water to practice a few important (but easy) skills. You and your family will then head out for 2 breathtaking dives on the beautiful reefs of Cozumel.

The entire Discover Scuba experience takes about 4 hours but it will probably change your life.

Click here to learn more about Discover Scuba Diving in Cozumel with ScubaLuis.

Free pickup and drop off at many piers and locations between downtown Cozumel and the South Hotel Zone; snacks and fruit; water and soda; dry towels; free scuba gear rental; life-changing adventure!

Hours & Pricing:
Monday – Sunday; Most Discover Scuba experiences take place in the afternoon depending upon availability.
$130 per person for instruction and 2 dives

2. Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park in CozumelThe Mayan word “Chankanaab” means ‘little sea,’ which accurately describes the beautiful, crystal clear natural lagoon situated in the middle of this gorgeous park. You can spend the entire day at this eco park, and it still may not be enough time to enjoy all that Chankanaab has to offer. Spend the morning following the winding paths while exploring the jungle and botanical gardens. Enjoy the archaeological replicas of Mayan relics found throughout Mexico. Find yourself eating fresh-made tortillas at a casita in an authentic Mayan village (a small tip is appreciated) before stopping by the crocodile exhibit for a (not too) up close and personal look at mature crocodiles, as well as young ones.

After working up a thirst and an appetite, make your way to any of the beach-side snack stands or restaurants for a delicious lunch and cold cocktails. After lunch, grab some snorkeling gear and check out the tropical fish, colorful corals & underwater statues. Or grab a couple of life vests and a kayak and explore Chankanaab from above the water (if you do it right). If you have older kids seeking a little more adrenaline, head over to the longest zip-line on the island or sign up to swim with dolphins or manatees. If you’ve always wanted to try scuba diving, but are not yet certified, why not try the Snuba Seatrek?

If you have a younger or even less adventurous family, don’t worry! There is plenty for you, as well. You simply cannot miss the free sea lion shows, which are performed several times throughout the day. There is a very large fresh-water swimming pool that has 3 shallow kids’ areas, and a swim-up cocktail & snack bar – this will keep everyone happy! The beach is absolutely perfect for small children. A protected cove of turquoise water, has enough access to the sea to allow small fish, crabs and other small sea life to come and go, but has enough protection to prohibit any surf at all. So just pull your lounge chair into the water, grab your cold beverage and RELAX!

Free parking; Restaurants; Snack Bars; Cocktail Bars; Gift Shop; Bathrooms with Showers; Lifeguard; Dive Shops with Rentals; Lockers; Hammocks; Beach Chairs; Palapas; Umbrellas

Hours & Pricing:
Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm
Adults $21 USD | Children $14.00 USD (3-11 yrs)

South Coastal Road 5 miles

3. Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park

Fun Family Things to Do in Cozumel Mexico - Playa MiaAnother great place to spend an entire day, Playa Mia is an all-inclusive beach club and water park. The thing that makes Playa Mia so versatile is the fact that you can customize your experience to your family’s needs and budget. You can buy a day pass that will allow you to take full advantage of their beach, floating water park (ever see the show Wipeout!?), as well as their fresh-water pools and water slides. If your budget is a bit more flexible, you can add lunch at their delicious international buffet. If you are like me and wonder how you can be at a Caribbean beach club without a refreshing cocktail in hand, well no worries! For a nominal fee, you can add unlimited national cocktails to your day pass, too. Need transportation to and from Playa Mia? They’ve got you covered and will build that into your one-time fee, too. Basically, you tell them what you need, and they will tell you what the cost will be up front! Nice, huh?

The older kids & teens will love the floating water park where you attempt to complete a circuit of challenges such as the water trampolines, conquering the aquatic iceberg and more. Afterwards grab some snorkel gear and explore the underwater Mayan city; or explore the water’s surface from a kayak, paddle boat or sailboat. The younger tikes will have a ball playing on the colorful playground or feeding their inner artists at the Kids’ Club. If you are looking to take a break from planning activities to entertain your entire family, why not just hang out in a hammock and let Playa Mia’s Entertainment Team take over for a while. They always have fun activities that everyone can enjoy, like ping pong, volleyball, soccer games, water balloon fights, pinatas, etc.

And, of course, the entire family will enjoy the only water park in Cozumel. The little ones can spend all day exploring Buccaneer’s Bay, the pirate-themed kid’s area that includes a pirate ship, water cannons, water spray and smaller slides. The bigger ones will want to race down the 200-foot long Twin Twister water slides, which appear to be intertwined. If you need a little break from all of this action, then you can just relax with your favorite cocktail at the Oasis Island Pool & Hydro Massage Tub.

Parking; Free Wi-Fi; International Buffet; Cocktail Bar; Showers; Dressing Rooms; Restrooms; Lifeguard; Rescue Boat; First Aid & Paramedic Center; Lounge Chairs; Umbrellas; Hobie Cat Sailboats; Kayaks; Paddle Boats; Water Tricycles; Floating Mats; Inter tubes; Bungee Trampoline; Kids’ Club; Hammocks; Souvenirs; Handcrafts

Hours & Pricing:
Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Adults $30 USD | Children $25.00 USD (4-11 yrs) Day Pass
Adults $45 USD | Children $35.00 USD (4-11 yrs) Day Pass + Buffet
Adults $60 USD | Children $50.00 USD (4-11 yrs) Day Pass + Buffet + Open Bar

South Coastal Road 15 miles

4. Go Snorkeling and Have the Best Day Ever at “Cielo”

Family Fun on Private Charter in CozumelDid you know that ScubaLuis offers snorkel trips and private boat charters? A fantastic way to spend a family day is to jump on the Ranger (ScubaLuis’ fast and comfortable boat) and go snorkeling and then head to Cielo!

Cielo is perhaps the best kept secret in Cozumel, but it is totally worth experiencing! Cielo is a very remote snorkeling beach on the Southwest side of the island and is only accessible by boat. Most trips to Cielo are combined with 1-3 snorkeling stops along the way but that is entirely up to you. These snorkeling adventures can be from 20-45 minutes, depending on how much sea life there is at that time, and they are completely OPTIONAL! If someone in your family is too young or timid, they are more than welcome to hang out in the shade, read a book, take some incredible photos, or whatever blows their bubbles – enjoy your Cozumel vacation!

After the “work” is done, the boat captain makes his way to Cielo, translated into “Sky.” This is a perfectly appropriate name for this shallow, protected beach. Soft, white sand and azure blue water span as far as you can see. The best part is that it seems to go on forever at a waist-high depth. It is perfect for lounging around on noodles, floating aimlessly on a life jacket, hanging out with your new friends enjoying snacks & cold beverages, or even more snorkeling. It is calm enough that the little ones will love to float around or play in the sand, while the older members compare fish sightings.

One of the greatest attractions of Cielo is the abundance of sea stars that can be found in the shallows.

(PLEASE NOTE: Sea stars are extremely fragile and the numbers found in our waters are declining! PLEASE enjoy these beautiful creatures with your mask or goggles, and DO NOT remove them from the water – they cannot breathe air! Please teach your children to respect nature at an early age – admire their beauty, but help us keep them alive for everyone to enjoy!)

While at Cielo, ScubaLuis will provide snacks like guacamole, ceviche, crackers & cheese, margaritas, beer, rum punches, etc. No worries if cocktails aren’t your thing; we can also provide ample water and soft drinks. After a couple hours of pure tropical bliss, it is back in the boat for your return trip home.

Breath-taking Natural Beauty; Pure Bliss & Relaxation; Most operators provide drinks & snacks for their clients, but inquire at time of reservation. Feel free to inquire whether or not small water toys are acceptable.

Hours & Pricing:
Usually 4 – 4-1/2 hours; Inquire with us while making reservations and let us know what sounds best for you.
Snorkeling trips to Cielo are generally around $50.00 USD per person, but exact pricing will vary based on available options.

5. Rescue Sea Turtles! (Seasonal)

Rescuing Sea Turtles in CozumelCozumel is the favored nesting ground for thousands of sea turtles every year. Between April/May and October/November, the beaches on the East side of the island welcome 2 species of sea turtles, the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas),who come ashore to lay their eggs in thousands of nests. These nests are monitored, marked and protected by dedicated marine biologists, who partner with the City of San Miguel throughout the nesting season.

Each night, volunteers watch as these huge turtles emerge from the sea, dig their nests and lay between 100-160 eggs per nest. Once the turtle returns to the sea, a volunteer then marks that nest with a red stake, showing the date and time the eggs were laid. Since gestation period of the eggs is right at 60 days, the volunteers will then plan to monitor the hatching of the nests on the appropriate day.

This is where you & your family come in – the Turtle Salvation Program needs volunteers to help release these hundreds- to thousands of turtles as the nests begin to hatch. There are 2 ways you and your family can participate in this amazing event. 1- You can be a part of the “Search & Rescue” teams. As the hatchlings begin to crawl out of the nests, they tend to flip sand back onto their un-hatched brothers/sisters still in the nest. You can be part of the team that digs in the sand to find and rescue the buried eggs. 2- (AMAZING for young kids!) You can release the baby turtles to the sea! The kids love to hold the babies and find it exciting to watch these tiny turtles amble, and sometimes race, their way to the sea!

This experience can be described as nothing less than amazing, and will touch the hearts of everyone in your family, regardless of the age. My 3-1/2 year-old daughter was as exhilarated as her 65 year-old grandfather was! The excitement begins nearly every night just before sunset. It is best to make your way to the East side of the island around 5:00pm, and drive the road between Mescalito’s & Punta Sur looking for the white & green truck with turtles on the doors that reads “Tortuga Marina Ecologia.” Find the team on the beach, and tell them you are there to help! The marine biologists are extremely friendly, informative and speak English. A one-of-a-kind experience your family will not forget – and they might even learn something while on vacation! YIKES!

Hands-On Education; Amazing Experience; Souvenir T-Shirts for Sale

Hours & Pricing:
April/May – October/November
5:00pm – until dark

6. Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

SUP is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, and it has made its way to Cozumel in a big way. What is so special about it, and why should you take your entire family on a SUP tour around Cozumel? The boards are very buoyant, and extremely well balance – especially for beginners and young kids! The boards are so well-balanced that there is no need to even get your hair wet if you don’t want to. It is fast and very easy to learn how to paddle, which means you can all be on your way to exploring the tropical sea life in minutes. There is no better way to enjoy a family exploration of the area reefs than SUP – it’s like you are walking on the water. Tie some snorkeling gear to your board, and jump in the water when you see a sea star (just PLEASE do NOT remove it from the water!).

If you are looking to squeeze in a little extra exercise on your vacation, then all you have to do is paddle a little harder and a little faster for a full-body workout. Looking for a little more relaxation? No problem, simple paddle slowly at your own speed and jump in the sea to cool off.

There are several tour operators that offer a variety of packages including: Lessons, sunset tours, eco tours, tours to Isla Pasion, tours around downtown, etc. Additionally, many of the beach clubs offer SUP included in their admission prices. I urge you to ask around, do a little research to see which type of rental fits your family’s needs before you commit.


Hours & Pricing:

Do you have questions about any of these options (or ones we haven’t mentioned)? Let us know in the comments below or use our contact us page!

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