About Luis

Luis at ScubaLuis scuba diving in CozumelI was born in Cozumel and for as long as I can remember I have always loved the water. Both of my parents were divemasters, and they introduced me to diving at the age of 9. I have been diving ever since. As soon as I was old enough, I became a PADI divemaster.

Most of you probably remember me from my previous employer where I was Luis the divemaster with ScubaTony for 5 years. I left ScubaTony shortly after the owner, Tony Anschutz, sold the business and left the island.

I had always dreamed of owning my own dive business and dive boat. I wanted to offer my customers a less rushed and more personal experience than I was able to offer them because of the very busy schedule and full boats at ScubaTony.

On June 5th 2016, I started ScubaLuis, taking the very best customer service details and amenities I found from other top rated dive shops in Cozumel and combined them to offer “a diving experience like no other” in my own business with a beautiful and fast dive boat called, Ranger.

Now, after 22 years of experience as a divemaster, I am again as eager to dive as I was as a 9 year old boy!

I love scuba diving in Cozumel! It is my passion.

It makes me so happy that I can share the beautiful waters, healthy reefs, and abundant marine life with divers of all ages and experience levels. I sincerely hope you will choose to dive with me on your next vacation in Cozumel, Mexico!

About ScubaLuis

A Diving Experience Like No Other…

Looking for a care-free customized diving experience in Cozumel? ScubaLuis is your dive shop.

Let us welcome you to our beautiful paradise of Cozumel. Whether you want to gear up and experience all of the beauty that lies beneath our turquoise blue water, take a class to enhance your diving skills, explore the beachside restaurants on the island’s rough and tumble windward side, or all of the above,  ScubaLuis is your full-service dive  experience planner.

Cozumel offers some of the best diving in the world, with amazing drift dives over miles of healthy coral reefs that provide home to abundant marine life. Divers who come to Cozumel return time and time again for its exciting drift dives, the incredible visibility that typically averages 80 – 100′ and greater, marine life both big and small, and water temperature as high as 84 degrees in the summer.

ScubaLuis is eager to meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to planning your next underwater and above water island adventure!

All you have to do is get onto the boat and fall into the water!

  • Well before you arrive, we communicate with you via email to make sure we understand exactly what you expect and want to experience while you’re here in Cozumel.
  • On dive days, we pick you up at your hotel pier at all hotels located south of the town pier.
  • If you are staying in town, you will have to come to the marina to get on the boat.
  • Surface intervals take place at various full service food and beverage beach clubs.
  • Dry towels, bottled water, fruit, snacks and more are provided on each dive boat.
  • Your dive equipment is carefully rinsed after your dives and stored for you overnight so there is no need for you to lug your own gear daily.
  • All divemasters and instructors are PADI certified and speak both English and Spanish.
  • All boats are certified and approved by the Cozumel, Mexico port authority and are equipped with a DAN oxygen kit, first aid kit and VHF marine radio.
  • We feature both dive trips and dive courses.