Can I Use US Dollars to Pay for Scuba Diving in Mexico

Can I Use US Dollars in Mexico? New Currency Rules Mean Some Dollars are Being Rejected


"Can I pay with US Dollars in Cozumel, Mexico?" is a frequently asked question. While the answer is usually "Yes!", new currency exchange rules in Mexico mean that torn or stained US notes are being rejected by Mexican banks and businesses.

Confident Scuba Divers Save Air While Diving

12 of Our Best Tips and Tricks on How to Conserve Your Air While Scuba Diving


Here is part 2 in the most informative article you will ever read on how to conserve your air while scuba diving. We go in-depth with 12 tips and techniques that you can use to dramatically increase your bottom times by not running out of air so quickly. Click here and dive right in!

Ways to Save Air While Scuba Diving

12 Ways to Save Your Air While Scuba Diving for Maximum Bottom Time


Part 1 of the most in depth article you will ever read on how to save your air while scuba diving! Are tired of being the first one to the boat because you are running out of air faster than everyone else? Maybe your dive buddies are calling you an air hog? Dive in for maximum bottom time.

Scuba Diving Certification in Cozumel Mexico

Becoming a Scuba Diver - What You Will Learn in Confined Water


The PADI open water diver certification course consists of three essential pieces. After studying dive theory, and before diving in open water, you will learn and practice all of the scuba diving skills necessary to dive safely in conditions described as "confined water." Here's what you'll learn and how...

PADI Open Water Diver Scuba Certification in Cozumel

Becoming a Scuba Diver - Getting the Most Out of Your Certification Course


Scuba diving is an incredible experience, but to get the most out of diving, it is essential to begin with an open water (OW) course. In part one of our series about becoming a scuba diver, we introduce you to the open water certification process and give you tips for getting the most out of your course.

Becoming a Divemaster in Cozumel Requires DM Training Internship

Requirements to Become a Divemaster | DM Training in Cozumel


Divemasters are professional scuba divers tasked with the responsibility for planning dives and assisting divers. The Triple Sail Divemaster Training (DMT) program in Cozumel is a thorough course of practical experience and study, but to begin you must meet these requirements.

Getting Started in Diving. How to Become a Scuba Diver in Cozumel

Are You Scuba Curious? Two Options for Getting Started in Scuba Diving


As a scuba diver you can escape the bonds of Earth's gravity and experience the freedom and exhilaration of weightless flight through the underwater world. You will witness the beauty and the reality of nature and behold sights viewed only by those with an adventurous heart. Are you ready?

Playa Del Carmen Bull Shark Dive

Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico [With Killer Video!]


Diving, both professionally and recreationally for almost 30 years, my first bull shark dive is still a stand out among my 2000+ dives. While the bull sharks are still in Playa del Carmen, usually between November and January, we offer a seasonal tour in which we personally take our diving clients out and give them the thrill of a lifetime!

Queen Triggerfish Photographed While Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Queen Triggerfish | Photos of Fish Found While Scuba Diving in Cozumel


The queen triggerfish is one of the most aggressive fish you'll often see while scuba diving with us on the beautiful reefs of ‪‎Cozumel‬! They're FUN to watch and beautiful to photograph because of their vibrant colors. Make no mistake though, these triggerfish have a dark side, too!

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber while Scuba Diving in Mexico

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber Scuba Diving in Cozumel Mexico [Underwater Video]


Have you seen this strange creature underwater? It's called the Tiger's Tail or Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber! It's the largest of all sea cucumbers and can stretch to about 6 feet long while feeding on detritus in the sand.

White Grunt (Haemulon plumierii) with a Cymothoid Isopod Attached

White Grunt with an Isopod Parasite Attached to it in Cozumel


What is that “thing” attached to that fish? This white grunt has a parasite, called an isopod, permanently attached to it. It's related to shrimp, lobsters and crabs. But will it kill the fish? Learn more about this grizzly creature and the strange "tongue biter", too!

Sargassum Triggerfish (Xanthichthys ringens) Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Sargassum Triggerfish | Scuba Diving Photos in Cozumel, Mexico


The sargassum triggerfish is a shy fish and the least aggressive among the triggers you'll see diving with us on the beautiful reefs of ‪‎Cozumel‬! They're FUN to watch and difficult to photograph because they are so nervous. Point a camera at them and they're sure to head for the safety of a hole in the rocks!

A Family Snorkeling in Cozumel with ScubaLuis

6 Really Fun Things to Do In Cozumel that the Entire Family Will Love!


Cozumel is the perfect place for a memorable family vacation regardless of age even if you're not scuba diving! Our top five picks for family fun in Cozumel (if you're not scuba diving with ScubaLuis) are in this "Do Not Miss Post."

Cozumel Scuba Diving Vacation Advice: Don't Sit Here!

Our 14 Best Tips and Veteran Advice for Enjoying Your Cozumel Vacation


Here are the best short, but sweet, bits of advice we have for you in your quest to get the most enjoyment out of your stay in Cozumel. Of all of the Cozumel vacation tips and travel advice we have to offer in this article, the bonus suggestion, #15, is probably the most important! Enjoy!

Become a Divemaster

What is a Divemaster?


A divemaster is a professional diver whose primary responsibility is to guide certified divers during a variety of dives and conditions. Additionally, they are professionals who are trained to assist diving instructors and have solid skills in diver safety and in-water rescue in the unlikely event someone experiences difficulties while diving.

There a 2 Types of Divers: Those Who Pee in Their Wetsuit and Liars

Scuba Diving Etiquette for the Underwater Caveman: Don't Smell Like Pee!


Many of you have probably heard the old dive saying, “There are two types of divers; those that pee in their suit and those that lie about it!” This is usually the first response when a new diver is asking someone on a boat this question (myself included). It’s a reality that most will have to face at some point in their diving lifetime.

Facts About Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo in Cozumel, Mexico! 7 Facts You Likely Don't Know


Visiting Cozumel on May 5th and ready to get your fiesta on? Here are 7 facts about Cinco de Mayo in Cozumel, Mexico that you might not likely know.

Scuba Diving in Cozumel with Spotted Eagle Rays

Scuba Diving in Cozumel with Spotted Eagle Rays - Video, Facts and Information


Spotted eagle rays, Aetobatus narinari, are a cartilaginous fish of the eagle ray family, Myliobatidae. They live in tropical waters around the world (including both sides of the American continents). I do frequently get asked by people interested in scuba diving in Cozumel when the best time of year is to see spotted eagle rays...

Avoiding Mosquito Bites in Cozumel

Top 10 LEAST EFFECTIVE Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Cozumel


I've been talking with locals about the best natural methods for avoiding mosquito bites in Cozumel. I must say, I've received a ton of interesting & unusual advice! Some of it is REALLY horrible... but absolutely hilarious. Here's our top 10 least effective way to avoid mosquito bites (and some real advice, too).

Wreck Diving on the Laguna de Mandinga Sunken Ship in Cozumel.jpg

Playa Las Casitas: Pier Rubble & Forgotten Ship Wrecks | Shore Diving in Cozumel


For the adventurous diver, shore diving from Playa las Casitas offers a fascinating combination of a field of pier rubble, two largely unheard of sunken ships and healthy transplanted live rock from Paradise Reef in a relatively shallow dive! But why rough it? Book with ScubaLuis and dive comfortably and safely from a boat!

What to Do When Cozumel Ports are Closed

10 Things to Do and Places to See in Cozumel When the Ports Are Closed


Depending upon Cozumel weather conditions, the Port Captain may close the ports and keep boats from going out onto the water for scheduled scuba diving, snorkeling and other boat related trips. Here's 10 ways to enjoy your Cozumel vacation anyway.

Lionfish Safaris - Lionfish Hunting in Cozumel

Lionfish Hunting in Cozumel - Guided Lionfish Safaris


Lionfish safaris and hunting in Cozumel is one of our most popular requests. While invasive lionfish are a terrible problem, we are excited that the word is getting out about the massive problem lionfish are causing in the Caribbean. We regularly guide lionfish hunts and hunting lionfish is a passion when we're not working, too!

Scuba Diving the Cenote Caverns and Caves in Mexico

Scuba Diving the Caverns of Mexico: What is a Cenote?


Diving the caves and caverns of the cenotes scattered across the Yucatan Peninsula is truly a unique scuba experience, but not one that should be taken without guidance! Make no mistake about it, diving in the caverns, where a diver should always be within sight of the cenote’s natural light zone, is not without risk.

Giant Barrel Sponge Spawning in Cozumel Mexico

Redwoods of the Reef: Giant Barrel Sponges of Cozumel, Mexico


Giant barrel sponges can grow to enormous sizes and live for over 2000 years! They're often called the "Redwoods of the Reef" and we've got video of these giant barrel sponges spawning inside. Sponge porn? You know you want to watch it.

Birds of Cozumel - Roseate Spoonbill is not Flamingo

Pink Flamingos in Cozumel? Look Closer, It's Probably a Spoonbill!


The Roseate Spoonbill, which is often mistaken for a flamingo, can be found in the Punta Sur and Colombia lagoons. If you're not scuba diving, the birdwatching in Cozumel is pretty spectacular!