Can I Use US Dollars to Pay for Scuba Diving in Mexico

Can I Use US Dollars in Mexico? New Currency Rules Mean Some Dollars are Being Rejected


"Can I pay with US Dollars in Cozumel, Mexico?" is a frequently asked question. While the answer is usually "Yes!", new currency exchange rules in Mexico mean that torn or stained US notes are being rejected by Mexican banks and businesses.

A Family Snorkeling in Cozumel with ScubaLuis

6 Really Fun Things to Do In Cozumel that the Entire Family Will Love!


Cozumel is the perfect place for a memorable family vacation regardless of age even if you're not scuba diving! Our top five picks for family fun in Cozumel (if you're not scuba diving with ScubaLuis) are in this "Do Not Miss Post."

Cozumel Scuba Diving Vacation Advice: Don't Sit Here!

Our 14 Best Tips and Veteran Advice for Enjoying Your Cozumel Vacation


Here are the best short, but sweet, bits of advice we have for you in your quest to get the most enjoyment out of your stay in Cozumel. Of all of the Cozumel vacation tips and travel advice we have to offer in this article, the bonus suggestion, #15, is probably the most important! Enjoy!

Facts About Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo in Cozumel, Mexico! 7 Facts You Likely Don't Know


Visiting Cozumel on May 5th and ready to get your fiesta on? Here are 7 facts about Cinco de Mayo in Cozumel, Mexico that you might not likely know.

Avoiding Mosquito Bites in Cozumel

Top 10 LEAST EFFECTIVE Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Cozumel


I've been talking with locals about the best natural methods for avoiding mosquito bites in Cozumel. I must say, I've received a ton of interesting & unusual advice! Some of it is REALLY horrible... but absolutely hilarious. Here's our top 10 least effective way to avoid mosquito bites (and some real advice, too).

What to Do When Cozumel Ports are Closed

10 Things to Do and Places to See in Cozumel When the Ports Are Closed


Depending upon Cozumel weather conditions, the Port Captain may close the ports and keep boats from going out onto the water for scheduled scuba diving, snorkeling and other boat related trips. Here's 10 ways to enjoy your Cozumel vacation anyway.