How are deposits made to confirm a reservation?

Whether you use our self-service reservation booking system or email us with your reservation, we will require a one-time deposit of $90 to hold your spots on our boat for the days you choose to dive with us. To be clear, the $90 deposit covers all divers in your reservation; we DO NOT charge a separate deposit for each diver. We require a deposit of $100 to reserve a private charter.

We ask that you make that deposit through our PayPal account. Using PayPal, you can send us the deposit in any way that is most convenient for you… using your PayPal balance, a transfer from your bank account, by check or using any major credit card.

When and how do I pay the final balance of our Cozumel dive trip with ScubaLuis?

We will give you an invoice on your final day of diving with ScubaLuis. It will reflect your dive trips, rental gear, package pricing, and your pre-paid deposit.

Do They Accept US Dollars in Mexico

All balances due at the end of your dive trip are payable in cash please.

In order to keep our prices competitive, we ask that you pay your final invoice in cash. Trip pricing already includes the 16% IVA tax required on all sales of services in Mexico. Credit card payments are subject to an additional 5.5% fee and there are additional associated bank fees and foreign transaction fees, as well. We appreciate your understanding. You can pay in either Mexican Pesos or US Dollars. If paying in pesos, the exchange rate will be based on the current exchange rate when paying your final invoice.

Please note: Due to recent changes in foreign transaction laws and foreign currency exchange rules in March of 2019, Mexican banks and businesses CANNOT accept rippedtorn or stained United States bills. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for our clients wanting to pay in U.S. Dollars, however, United States bills with the slightest stain, tear or excessive wear are now being rejected by banks, money exchanges, and most businesses throughout the country. We cannot use them and cannot accept them. If you have a question whether a bill might be rejected, it’s safe to say that you probably cannot use them in Mexico any longer. 

Click here for more information and examples of rejected US dollars.

Can I cancel my trip or certification course reservation? How do I cancel my reservation?

Our number one priority is to make your experience with us as easy as possible – but cancellations are hard. We try to be as flexible as we can but please understand that space on our boat and in our courses is limited and we often have to turn clients down in order to honor your pre-booked reservation. We have a pretty easy to understand and fair Cancellation Policy and we try to communicate that policy as clearly and openly as possible. Please be in touch with us if you have questions, comments or concerns and let’s discuss them!

Do you offer package pricing if we dive with ScubaLuis for multiple days during our Cozumel dive vacation?

Yes! We offer package discounts for diving 3 or more days with us. Call or email us for questions about package pricing!

Where is ScubaLuis located?

ScubaLuis’ boat, Manta Raya, is docked in the original “Caleta” marina south of the Puerta Maya and the International Pier cruise ship terminals. We are not in the Fonatur Marina or in Puerto Abrigo. Unless we are picking you up by boat from your hotel, this is where you will depart and return from your dive trips each day.

Can you pick me up before our dives?

Yes! If you are staying in downtown Cozumel or in the “southern hotel zone” we can pick you up at your resort, hotel or vacation rental’s dock by boat on our way to dive that day. So, if you are staying anywhere from Hotel Barracuda (in Centro Cozumel) to anywhere south, we can make arrangements to pick you up by boat.

We are frequently asked to pick our divers up from resorts and hotels including: Barracuda Hotel, Cozumel Palace, Hotel Cozumel, Blue Angel Resort, Hotel Villablanca / Villas Mayaluum, Casa del Mar, Park Royal, El Cid La Ceiba, Presidente Intercontinental, Fiesta Americana, Sunscape Sabor, Secrets Aura, Allegro, Occidental Grand, Iberostar and others.

Due to Quintana Roo state law and Cozumel municipal regulations, we cannot pick you up or transport you by car, as we are not licensed to do so and we could be heavily fined for doing so.

Do I have to keep my scuba gear between dive trips or will you keep that for me?

Whatever you are most comfortable with and either way is perfectly fine! Part of our approach to first class service is to keep your scuba gear between dive trips so that you are not burdened having to drag it with you and cleaning it between dives. Leave your scuba gear with us and we’ll rinse your gear and hang it to dry between dives in our very secure gear storage area. Your gear will be back on the boat and ready to go diving when we pick you up!

How many divers can you take on your boat per trip?

ScubaLuis’ boat, Manta Raya, is equipped and sized for 6 divers. In the interest of providing an excellent and personal dive service in Cozumel, we keep our groups small with a comfortable amount of space for each diver. If you have more people in your dive group – no problem! – we can also make arrangements for a second boat or even a larger boat to accommodate your group’s needs and wants.

Will you take me lionfish hunting in Cozumel?

Yes! Lionfish hunting in Cozumel is definitely popular and we believe in trying to keep the invasive lionfish from harming our Caribbean environment. We usually like to evaluate our scuba diving clients for at least one dive prior to going hunting simply because it is an advanced activity underwater requiring a bit more experience, awareness and level of care with our precious underwater resources. For safety, we usually limit our lionfish hunts to 4 divers per guide / divemaster.