Requirements to Become a Divemaster | DM Training in Cozumel

Requirements to Become a Divemaster – Becoming a DM in Cozumel, Mexico

Becoming a Divemaster in Cozumel Requires DM Training Internship

Can you spot the fish?

Divemasters are professional divers and as such carry a great amount of responsibility for planning a dive, conducting boat and dive safety, and then assisting other divers during a dive. Often they acts as guides giving other divers the opportunity to enjoy their dive more without needing to worry about navigation, planning, not knowing the conditions and marine life, etc.

The ScubaLuis divemaster training (DMT) program is a thorough course of practical experience and study. To begin the training program one must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Be certified as an open water, advanced, and rescue diver.
  • Have logged a minimum of 40 open water dives in various conditions, i.e., night, drift, wreck, deep, etc.
  • Have completed a first aid and CPR course within the last 24 months.
  • Be medically cleared by a physician for diving.

Once a diver has met the above prerequisites, they are in for some great learning opportunities in which they will learn not only the duties of a divemaster, how to prepare emergency assistance plans, how to plan and brief dives, but will also have the opportunity to assist on courses, practice their rescue skills, map a dive site, etc. Here is a list of what you can look forward to doing:

  • Completion of waterskills exercises (swimming, snorkeling, tired diver tow, treading water, and the really fun but challenging underwater equipment exchange)
  • Completing a diver rescue assessment where they will demonstrate their abilities to rescue a nonbreathing diver from the water.
  • Demonstration of the full 24 skills for open water divers.
  • Practical application skills such as dive setup and management, mapping project, dive briefing, and search and recovery and deep dive scenarios.
  • Demonstration of the snorkeling/skin diver training and supervision.
  • Learning to conduct elements of the discover scuba dive program.
  • Conducting a discover local diving briefing.
  • Assist on open water diver courses as well at least one continuing education course (like advanced, rescue, or specialty diving).
  • Learn to lead certified divers in open water
  • The ScubaLuis DMT program also teaches you about general boat safety, mooring a boat, performing minor repairs on equipment, and equipment maintenance and storage. We also include additional training in customer service and working in different environments, such as resort vs. dive shop.
  • Being a responsible member of the diving community. It is important to learn about conserving our exciting underwater world, and our divemaster graduates will have an understanding of reef and basic marine conservation. DMTs who are here during the appropriate season(s) will receive additional training in whale shark awareness, conducting snorkeling tours, and may participate in sea turtle conservation projects on the island of Cozumel in Mexico. They are also encouraged to get involved in other local ecological projects.

To complete the PADI Divemaster certification, a diver also needs to have logged a total of 60 open water dives (easily done during training).

The ScubaLuis divemaster training course is one that graduates look back on fondly. It is fun, you will learn a lot, and you will be well prepared to work in your new exciting career, one that can take you all over the world!

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