Getting Started in Diving. How to Become a Scuba Diver in Cozumel

Are You Scuba Curious? Two Options for Getting Started in Scuba Diving


As a scuba diver you can escape the bonds of Earth's gravity and experience the freedom and exhilaration of weightless flight through the underwater world. You will witness the beauty and the reality of nature and behold sights viewed only by those with an adventurous heart. Are you ready?

Scuba Diving the Cenote Caverns and Caves in Mexico

Scuba Diving the Caverns of Mexico: What is a Cenote?


Diving the caves and caverns of the cenotes scattered across the Yucatan Peninsula is truly a unique scuba experience, but not one that should be taken without guidance! Make no mistake about it, diving in the caverns, where a diver should always be within sight of the cenote’s natural light zone, is not without risk.